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Are You Over Your Pixie Cut? Tips to Grow It Out Healthy

So, you’re over your extreme pixie cut and you
want to grow it out — like, yesterday! Not so fast. Stop
and check out these three simple tips from hairstylist
Matt Fugate in
. Take the time to give your hair what it needs
to grow from pixie to long, and look healthy doing it. Trust
us, you’ll be so glad you did.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Do not damage your growing hair by over-styling it with hair
color (especially bleach), high heat
and harsh products.

Nourish your follicles with what hair needs to grow by feeding
it biotin,
marine extracts,
vitamin C and
minerals. Viviscal
is clinically proven to grow thicker, stronger hair with less
shedding and damage. But it can take time. Be patient, advises
Fugate. “It could be three months before you see visible
results, and six before you see significant change. Don’t get
discouraged.” In other words, good things come to those who

If you must heat-style your hair, Fugate suggests using only a
mini-flat iron to smooth puffiness.

Embrace Your In-Between Length

Your post-pixie life doesn’t need to be miserable. You can
still embrace your hair length now, even in the
awkward growing-out phase. Try a cool accessory or get
creative with styling wax. Take a cue from a post-pixie

Emma Watson. Allure writer Jenna
Rosenstein was inspired by Watson’s creativity with her
in-between hair: “She spiked her hair up, slicked it back, and
wasn’t afraid to try a messy braid or glitzy accessory during
the awkward phase!”

Cut Your Hair (Yes, Really!)

You may think that avoiding scissors will help you get back to
your goal length. Not so! Instead, Fugate advises, get a neck
trim every four weeks. “Always keep the back of a pixie cut
looking strong,” he says, “and build the rest of your hair
toward that length, towards a bob. I always say if you’re going
to grow it out, grow it out pretty.” Regular
trims will keep your hair growing smooth and split-end
free, helping you get your hair to long — even faster.



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