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Asymmetrical Bangs Hairstyles

The asymmetric bang is a real hit in many hairstyles and
haircuts. With this element you can change your look in just a
second, transforming yourself into a rebellious face, or in a
nice and stylish kitten. In addition, asymmetrical bangs can be
the perfect choice for those who want to correct their look a
little, without radically changing it. This is a great way to
feel different, to change your life and mood. Let’s see, who
fits the asymmetric bang, which it can be, and what styling
options the stylists use.

Bangs asymmetric

Who can wear asymmetric fringe?

In this chapter, the most amazing thing is that the asymmetric
bang is perfectly suited to anyone. And we’re not just talking
about ladies with the oval shape of the face because they can
opt for all types of haircuts and bangs. These are the unusual
forms, for example, the round and square shape. If nature has
endowed you with such face shape, then you certainly know how
hard it is to choose a fringe. All the secret lies in the fact
that the asymmetric fringe violates the natural symmetry of the
face, ie makes the round face narrower and the square one more
proportionate and fine. The asymmetric fringe also fits ladies
with trapeze, triangular and rectangular face shape. Ladies
with triangular face shape can choose a bang, which will start
from the top of the head and cover one of the eyebrows. In this
case, we recommend that you do not thin the bangs, but opt for
straight options. That is, the square face shapes fit perfectly
the multilayered oblique bangs, which must reach the cheek

Hairstyles with asymmetric fringe for medium length hair

One side long hair

Thinned asymmetrical bangs

However, if you decided to make an asymmetric bang, you should
know that it will look good only if it is regularly cared. But
if you do not have time for your daily arrangement, then you
probably have to choose something else. Or, in your case, you
can choose the short asymmetric bang, the top of which should
not be longer than 3cm, and the bottom should reach the eyebrow
line. Curly hair ladies must be very careful with this type of
bangs because the hair structure will require a lot of effort
and time so the bang looks always impeccable.

Asymmetrical bangs for short hair

side bangs


Advantages of asymmetrical bangs

  1. The asymmetrical bang is a perfect chance to hide facial
    imperfections such as obvious asymmetry, scars, sharp chin,
    protruding cheekbones, mimic and age wrinkles, an wide
    forehead, pigmentation spots, etc.
  2. As we’ve said above, the asymmetric bang is very universal,
    which means that if it’s chosen correctly, it can fit perfectly
    with any woman without exception. Here too, the social status
    you have, the age, the appearance and the shape of the body are
    of no importance. Due to the diversity of asymmetrical bangs,
    virtually everyone will be able to choose the right option.
  3. Side bang can be very different: thinned, short, long,
    asymmetric, layered. By choosing the right one, you can
    entirely change your look, bringing a touch of originality and
  4. The asymmetric bang is very multifunctional, which means it
    can be arranged in many ways. Depending on the look you choose
    and the style of clothing, such bangs can be easily waved, or,
    on the contrary, straightened to the maximum, and tight to the
    ear with the help of a clip or back, with the help of a
    headband. It can also be braided in a small braid, or twisted
    in a rope. Here too, the arrangements do not end! It is
    important to not be afraid to do experiments.
  5. We also have to say that such a bang is very simple to
    arrange. Although it requires more time than many other bangs,
    in time, you will only need 3-5 minutes to arrange it. A longer
    time will need only those who have natural curls.
  6. Another undeniable advantage of the asymmetric bang is that
    it looks harmoniously on the hair of a different length. This
    element does not matter the length of your hair, that is why it
    is very universal and popular.

Types of asymmetrical bangs

Long asymmetric

The long asymmetrical bangs look visually like a grown bang
that allows the implementation of your fantasy. It can be
combed at the back, at a side, beautifully arranged in the
shape of a wave. This type of asymmetric bang is perfect for
the oval face shape, while in combination with an asymmetric
bun, such bangs perfectly elongate the non-proportional faces.
In addition, this type of bang also fits perfectly with all
haircuts. A haircut with an asymmetric bang will always look
extravagant, stylish and modern.

Hairstyles with thinned asymmetrical bangs

Left or right side asymmetric bang

Long bob asymmetric bang

Bob hairstyle with asymmetric bang




Short asymmetric bang
Short asymmetrical bangs options open the face to the fullest,
emphasizing both perfections and imperfections. That is why the
short asymmetric bang will ideally look on ladies with correct
face shapes. In addition, such options are more practical
especially for those who have an active way of life. Such a
bang never gets caught in the eye and will not be highlighted
on the whole hairstyle.

Hairstyle with short asymmetrical bangs

short asymmetrical bangs



Original execution of short asymmetrical

If classics and stereotyping are not what characterizes you,
then asymmetrical bangs allow the visual enlargement of the
fantasy horizon. Do you want to stand out? Choose the bangs in
asymmetric or multi-layered patterns. If this is not enough,
you can use the services of an original hair dying. Analyze
which options are available, implement fantasy and creativity.
The asymmetric bang can be dyed in absolutely any color you
like. It can totally correspond to the color of the hair,
either in a sharp contrast. And it is not absolutely necessary
to stop your choice at a certain color. You can apply some bold
colors simultaneously in one of ombre, coloring and mélange

Asymmetric layered bangs for long hair

side bangs for short hair

Nice asymmetric fringe



V-shaped bangs





Styling options for asymmetric bang

To arrange the asymmetric bang, you will not need new and
unusual abilities. Prepare the hair dryer, hair products and
combs. Hair styling products can be the hair spray, mousse,
gel, wax and foam. The simplest way of arranging looks like
this: wash your hair, apply thermal protection products, and
dry the fringe with the hair dryer. Then spray a little spray
and smooth the bang with a brush along the haircut line. Using
the hair dryer, straighten the jet from the top to the end.
Besides, you can still experience a little with the look. For
example, a long bang can be combed back, tapping it a little,
tangling it in a mow, or twisting it in a string. The tips of
bangs can be arranged either inside or outside, smooth to the
maximum, or highlight separate strands, with a thinning effect
and a wet appearance.

Asymmetrical bangs hairstyling

asymmetrical bangs hairstyling for long hair




Side bangs

Asymmetric, oblique and side bangs:

Asymmetrical bob with bangs

Asymmetrical bangs images




















So there are a lot of ways to make an asymmetric bang. A
skillful hair stylist will help you choose the option that will
embellish your appearance. And here it does not matter how tall
you are, how thin or full. Also, your lifestyle, your social
status, and your age do not matter at all. Asymmetric bang is
an universal option that suits most of the girls, ladies and



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