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Trend Haircuts for Women Spring-Summer 2019

The beauty trends for spring-summer 2018 aim to turn the page
and give the hair a new life. You had a long hair a life, but
suddenly wanted a drastic change? By the way, this is very
useful in the new season, because short hairstyles are a
must-have of this season. The main motto of the year is “simple
and beautiful”. Therefore, we do not create a complex hairstyle
on our head and we do not use styling products (various sprays,
foams, gels, etc.). We opt for naturalty: the best decoration
is clean, healthy, and shiny hair.

Modern haircuts 2018

Haircuts for short hair

The first place in the top of this year’s beauty trends is the
garcon haircut. What is the fundamental difference from the
fashion of the previous years? Rule no. 1 – the absence of any
order: there are no smooth strings along the sides or at the
back. Mess is created using different hair lengths. A prominent
advantage of this elegant haircut is ease of care: neither the
pillow nor the wind nor the rain can damage it. The worst
enemies of a hairstyle are now true friends. In addition, you
can forget about the styling: after washing the hair, dry it
with a hair dryer with a difusser, pre-distributing it with
your fingers.

Haircuts for short hair spring summer 2018



Curly Bob

Lately, this haircut is very common, especially among
celebrities. Although it will also be shortened by a few
centimeters, bringing some beautiful advantages: an accentuated
and elongated neck and an elongated face. In addition, this
haircut is simple and unpretentious in care. If your hair is
naturally curled, apply a little bit of mousse on your hair,
twisting it with your fingers – the result should look like
yesterday you had some Hollywood loops that, after sleep,
rumbled a bit. In the case of a straight hair, the situation is
a bit more complicated: the curling iron is indispensable. But
do not forget: the effect should be barely visible, no doll

Curly bob spring summer 2018


Haircuts with bangs

The diversity of bangs in the new season is very impressive:
straight, short, long, thinned and asymmetric. Even if you are
not ready to cut your long hair, but you still want to change
something, then the bang is an ideal option. The podium
dictates trends for the long bang that completely covers the
forehead. Neither the thinned bang does not stay out of focus,
and it perfectly complements the slightly messy hairstyles and
curly hair of any length. The trend of the spring-summer season
2018 is the long, smooth, side bang.

What bang to wear in summer 2018


What bang to wear in spring 2018

Smooth hair

Smooth and long hair is fashionable in spring-summer fashion in
2018 due to Kanye West’s famous wife, Kim Kardashian: her hair,
when she comes out on the red carpet, shines like an expensive
diamond! Such a haircut is the best compromise between long
hair and short hair: if you say goodbye, then do it competently
and gradually. The main condition of the smooth haircut is the
perfectly straight hair of the same length (oriented along the
shoulder line). If after previous hair experiments you did not
succeed in getting such an effect, you may try a less relevant
option – the elongated smooth bob.

Haircuts 2018 smooth hair

How to get that ideal smooth hair without costly procedures? We
will have to work hard for some tricks to be included in the
daily routine! While washing your head, do not forget the
conditioner, and to give your hair a healthy glow, use serum or
special oils (you can use both natural oils for masks –
coconut, burdens and others, as well as special cosmetics based
on oils , which do not require washing).

Haircuts for brunette hair spring 2018

What haircuts to wear in summer 2018

Haircuts for long hair

Measure thrice and cut once – this principle, of course, is
important. Hair is the richness and luxury that makes it
difficult for you to say good bye. Well, why do not you do it
if a professional stylist can always suggest some haircut ideas
that will give your long hair a new look. So if the scissors
have not touched your hair, but you want to refresh your look,
you can experience the waterfall haircuts. This can be a
waterfall with layers along the entire length or with a gradual
effect: the shortest length have the hair strands that frame
the oval of the face and their gradual elongation.

Haircuts for long hair spring summer 2018



Wet hair effect

I have already said that the leitmotif of the spring-summer
season 2018 is naturalness. So you will have to give up a time
from the lush curls and plenty of gel on your head. However, we
still don not say goodbye to the wet hair effect, but
everything should be in moderation. Simply apply a bit of wet
hair styling products (for a more natural result, use mousse
with a more intense fixation), distribute with your fingers or
tighten your hair using soft curls in the form of zigzag. Dry
hair with hair dryer and enjoy the result!



Short messy curls

There is such a paradox among women: straight hair owners will
want to have curly hair, and those with curly hair on the
contrary will want to have it straight. If nature has given you
very loose curls, you can tame them with a short, elegant
haircut, with the effect of a little mess on your head. This
may be short bob haircut or pixie. Arranging them at home is
very easy and will not take too long. It is enough to have a
hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle and a hair spray with a weak

Harcuts for medium lenght curly hair 2018


As you can see, you can look elegant regardless of the
length and natural hair structure. Even if it is difficult to
take a step in favor of the shortest haircut, do not forget
that there is always a compromise!

Bob for long hair 2018





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