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Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Many hairstyles can be created based on long hair. However,
lately, in the absence of free time, every lady is looking more
and more often for hair styling, which not only looks modern
and stylish, but does not require much time to create it. The
leader in this case can be called the bun hairstyle. They have
achieved this great popularity due to simplicity in execution,
universality and topicality. The buns fit virtually every
woman. In addition, choosing the right option, this hairstyle
will look ideal in any situation you create. So, let’s see
which options of these simple but extremely popular hairstyles

Long hair buns

Classic buns for Long hair

In order to create a simple bun in classic style, you will need
very little time. With time and practice, it will take only 4-7

Option no. 1

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1-2. Gather your hair in a ponytail with an elastic band.

Step 3-4.
Hold the hair and twist it around the elastic band. The ready
bun is fixed with hair pins all around.

Step 5-6.
The hairs that hang are not necessarily hidden under the bun or
smoothed. On the contrary, the hairstyle will look much more
natural if the hairs are a bit shabby.

Step 7-8. Leave a couple of hairs to fall from the temple area,
to beautify the face. If the final hairstyle came out too
smooth, then using a pencil, you can pick it up a bit. Fix the
result with a reliable hair spray.

Classic bun for long hair

Option no.2

The next option to create a quick and simple bun can be done as
follows. Gather your hair in a pony tail with an elastic band
and leave an unmatched bottom hair strand. Straighten the tail
in a bun and fix it with hairpins. Twist the left hair strand
around the bun and fix it again with hair pins. Using a simple
pencil or an auricle, lift a couple of strands from the bun.

Bun hairstyle for log hair

Braided buns for long hair

A very interesting option for braided buns for long hair. It is
very simple and looks pretty original and beautiful.

Option no.1

Step-by-Step instructions:

Step 1. Tilt your head and comb your hair forward.

Step 2. Braid a fish tail braid from the neck to the top of the

Braided bun for long hair

Step 3. Fix the bun on top of the head with the help of an
elastic band.

Step 4. Gather the rest of the hair at the back head in a high


Step 5. To make the final hair look more voluminous, you need
to tap a little the hair in the tail.

Step 6. Arrange the taped tail in a simple bun, twisting the
hair around the elastic. Fix the tail end with clippings or
hair pins.

Step by step bun hairstyle

Option no.2

On the base of the braids can be created a very simple but very
romantic bun. In this case, you will need some elastic bands in
a shade with your hair, a few small clips or pins.

Step-by-Step instructions:

1. Braid 5 braids (2 at the temple and 3 at the back) using
elastic bands in a shade with your hair

2. Start to create the bun starting with the back braid. To do
this, just twist the braid around the origin where it was
formed. The ends of the braid can be hidden in the middle of
the bun. Fix the result with hair clips.

3-4. Take the adjacent braids and twist them around the already
formed bun. Fix them with hair pins.

5. Now it is the time for the side braids that we also rotate
around the bun.

Festive braided bun for long hair

The final result looks like this:

Long braided bun

Option 3

This romantic bun is based on two thick braids:


Voluminous bun for long hair

Option no.1

To create a beautiful, modern and voluminous bun, you will need
a not too big elastic band, a couple of clips (2-3 pieces), a
comb and a hair spray. Next, you’ll need to follow these
step-by-step recommendations:

Step 1. Comb the hair well. Separate a fairly large hair strand
at the top of the head, sprinkle it with hair spray and tap it

Step 2. From all your hair, create a ponytail and tighten it
tight with an elastic band. Then pull the elastic from the
surface of the head a little.


Step 3-4-5-6. Insert the fingers into the free space created
under the elastic and pull through the hair ends. Fix them with
paper clips. Before this, for a more stylish and messy look,
hide the elastic under the hair. Arrange the bun. Fix the
hairstyle with a suitable hair spray.


Here is the final result! If you want the bun to be fluffier,
you can tap your hair (each separate hair strand) and then
proceed to Step 3.
simple voluminous bun for long hair

Option no.2

The next type of bun will be best created on a little tapped or
curly hair, because in this case, the hairstyle will come out
extremely natural and voluminous.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Curl your hair a little loose with the curler.

2. Tilt your head forward and tighten your hair in a simple


3-4-5-6. Gathering the tail with the elastic, strive to make it
so that its end is located at the front of the head, and a loop
is created from the hair. Arrange the loop as shown in Figure
3. Twist the end of the tail around the elastic.

17Step by step voluminous bun for log hair

7-8-9. Fix it with hair pins and spray it with a hair spray.


Messy bun for long hair

There is another type of bun adored by very delicate ladies.
These hairstyles are distinguished by a slight negligence, soft
and light lines, which will appeal to the loving, romantic and
creative people.

Option no.1

To create such a nice bun, you will need a comb, hair pins and
elastic band.

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Comb your hair. If it is not too obedient, sprinkle
with a little water.

Step 2. Gather the curls in a high tail combing the hair again.

Soft bun for long hair

Step 3-4-5-6. Twist the tail around its axis. If the hair is
thick, you can divide the tail into two equal parts and braid
them together. Twist the tail around the elastic. There is no
need to make it too tight because we need a light bun.


Step 7-8. Hide the ends of the tail under the elastic. Fix the
bun with hairpins. If during the creation of this hairstyle
your hair has sharpened a bit, do not worry, everything is ok.
But if the hairstyle is too tidy, then you can fix the
situation by pulling some threads in chaotic order.


Option no.2

1. Wash and dry your hair and then tap it with a brush. Apply a
little mousse on the curls to make your hair more obedient.

2. It is time to gather your hair in a ponytail with an elastic
band in the following way: the first time, pass all the hair
through the elastic, the second one-not. Our goal is to get
some kind of loop out of the hair. There is no need to hide the
end of the tail.


3-4. Now you have to “work” on the curl, which you have to give
a total negligence. For this, you just have to tap it lightly,
or rub it with your fingers. You should also tap the ends of
the tail, which come out of under the elastic. If the hair does
not keep its shape for a long time, then spray the hair with
hair spray.


5-6. Enjoy the result!

Fast and simple bun long hair

Donut bun or sock bun

A beautiful and modern hairstyle can also be done with a
regular knitted sock. To get such a donut, you need to cut its
tip, especially where the toes usually stand. After that, twist
it to get a kind of elastic.


Option no.1

In this case, you have to understand that the volume of the bun
will depend very much on the diameter of the sock and the
length of your hair. If you want a big and visible bun, choose
a bigger and thicker sock.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Gather all your hair in a ponytail with an elastic band.

2. Pass the tail through the center of the donut.

3. Move the sock to the tail end, creating something similar to
the palm tree.

Doughnut bun

4. Divide the ends of the tail evenly over the entire surface
of the sock and start twisting the hair on the improvised

5. Put an elastic band over the divided to fix the bun. Hide
all ends that hang using hair pins or clips.

bun hairstyle

Option no.2

In this case, the sock will be placed in the fixing place of
the tail, distributing equally on its surface all the hair and
fixing it again with a hair pin. The hanging ends will be
tightened in a large hair strand and wrap around the formed
bun. The hairstyle will be fixed with a hair spray and hair
clips. Simple, stylish and fast!

Long hair bun without bangs3132

Hair Bow Bun

The bow hair bun is seen very rarely because many ladies
naively consider that doing it takes a lot of time and effort.
Though it is not so!

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Prepare your hair by applying a special conditioning product

2. Gather your hair in a high tail.


3. Using an elastic band, twist the tail twice. Finally, the
tail has to turn into a loop, and its ends must be at the top
of the head at the front.

4. Divide the loop into two equal parts.


5. Pass the ends back through the middle of the loop. Fix them
with hair clips.

6. Fix the bun with hair spray.

7. The hairstyle is ready!

Bow bun for long hair

Here’s another step-by-step guide:


Side Bun for long hair

To create a side bun, you will need an elastic band, a thin
comb and hair pins. This is the result you need to get:

Simple side bun for long hair

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Using a thin comb, take a thick hair stand from the top of
your head.

2. Tap it well.

3. Gather all your hair to one side. You must do this so that
your tapping does not break. Straighten the tail approximately
to the level of the lobe of the ear.

4. Twist the tail into a rope.

5. Twist the rope into a bun.

6. Hide the hair ends under the bun.

7. Fix the bun with hairpins.


Low bun for long hair

The bun can be placed anywhere on the head. For it to be
located down, you can use the following step by step

Option no.1

39Low evening bun for long hair41

Option no.2


What hair accessories to use for the created bun?

The hair bun is a fairly universal hairstyle. Decorating a
simple bun with decorative clips, flowers, tiaras, elastics or
bows, you can quickly turn it into a festive evening hairstyle.

Bun for long hair: decorative elements



special occasion






Bun for long hair with bangs

Bun hairstyle for long hair: images

Best bun for long hair




Celebrities with long hair bun






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