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Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

It is no secret that most nice and easy hairstyles can be made
on short hair. This advantage is considered when a woman
decides whether or not to cut her hair. In addition, not all
ladies can boast with a healthy and neat hair, even if they
regularly and very thoroughly take care of it. Fine and
delicate hair look more presentable in a short haircut than in
a long hair haircut. Let’s see what easy hairstyle you can make
on your short hair at home.


Greek hairstyles for short hair

Some women believe that the image of the Greek goddess can be
created only if you have long hair. However, this opinion is
wrong because only knowing a few tricks, you can make a
Greek-style hairstyle even on short hair. You also need to
understand that the minimum length hair suitable for the
creation of such hairstyles should not be less than 10-15 cm
because you will need to curl the hair. After you have curled
hair, some hair will be gathered at the back in the neck area,
creating a certain volume. Now you can move to the decoration
of the hairstyle using for this purpose various tiaras,
headbands, ribbons, hairpins with decorations, small hair

Greek hairstyles for short hair

Festive Greek hairstyle

Casual Greek hairstyle



There is another option to execute a Greek hairstyle which
involves the use of a fastening ribbon, a headband, an elastic
band or a stripe. First, the accessory (in our case an elastic
band) will be worn on the head above the hair. Afterward, the
previously curled hair will be twist under the elastic band. If
there are few loose ends, arrange them in a way that will give
the hairstyle volume and a special lightness. If you want the
elastic to stay well fixed, catch it with a few hair pins.

Easy Greek hairstyles for short hair


Stylish mess

Casual hairstyles with messy hair strands will please creative
and unusual personalities. There are a lot of these hairstyle
executions. Using special styling products, you can get a
really wonderful and sexy hairstyle. The steps are as follows:
apply a mousse on the wet hair and arrange it in the desired
direction, without forgetting to mess it a little. Dry the
hair, fix it with a hairspray and the hairstyle is ready! The
“mess” level can be made on each fashionista’s desire.

A special popularity has hairstyles where the messy hair is
directed towards the elbow:

Casual hairstyles for short hair

Short hairstyles for women



No less popular is the boyish option, when the hair is lifted
from the root and directed upwards. That way is achieved the
known Pixie haircut.

Cute and easy short hairstyles




On high demand is also the short hairstyle for women with messy
hair, when the hair is divided by side parting and arranged on
the side with the most hair. A slight backcombing of the root
will give your look a touch of dramatic, while the well
arranged hair tips will make the hairstyle look refined and

Easy hairstyles for short hair with bangs




Easy hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Many girls, contrary to the hairstyle where the hair is
directed to the forehead, often opt for hairstyles, in which
all the strands of hair are arranged in the back. Such options
look quite elegant. These easy short hairstyles, which are
executed by lightly backcombing the hair, are ideal for those
girls who want to visually recreate the oval of the face,
because the hair turned in the back will create an extra





hairdos for short hair

Easy hairstyles for short hair: amazing curls

Casual and easy hairstyles for short hair can be quite simple
and beautiful, if you create them using curlers, a curling iron
or hair straighteners. Lovely curls make any lady look lovely.
The process of curling short hair does not differ at all from
the classic technique: first, apply a hair spray on strands of
hair, then curl and separate them easily with your fingers. The
hair can be curled in full, or part of it, creating a clear
horizontal line. If you want the look to be more special,
decorate the obtained curls with appropriate modern

Short curly hairstyles



Evening short curly hairstyles

Now let’s see a step by step tutorial on how to create curls:

1. First, apply a thermal protection spray for hair all over
it, which will minimize the harmful action of high temperatures
on the hair.

Step by step easy hairstyle for short hair with curls

2. Gather all top hair and secure it with hair pins.


3. Connect and heat the curler. First, curl the shorter hair
strands at the neck.


4. Hold the curler upright and turn all the strands from root
to ends. The longest strands from the sides must be curled in
the direction towards the face.

5. Continue the process, constantly changing direction. Twist a
strand of hair toward the face and another one from the face.


6. Remember that curls must have the same thickness. These can
be made freely so you can create a stylish and modern chaos.

7. To curl bangs, you have to keep the curler in angle. Strive
to create loop at the top of the face. If possible, pull the
bangs all over the curling iron.


8. Spray the obtained result with hairspray.

9. Move your head slightly from side to side for curls to
become more voluminous.

10. Lastly, easily backcomb the hair in the neck area and spray
a little hairspray again.

11. The hairstyle is ready.


Easy hairstyles for short hair: smooth styling

If you are tired of the artistic chaos from everyday life and
you want something elegant and classic, then there are all
kinds of smooth hairstyling options that can be created in
minutes and all you will need is a special hair straightening
device. With it, smooth all the hair. After that, spray with
hairspray for a perfect smoothness.

Smooth easy hairstyles for short hair




Experimenting a little, you can get a very elegant hairstyle
based on smooth hair that will look equally well to both a
festive party, and at the office, or on a walk. To create such
a hairstyle, you will need to grow your hair a little.

1. Make a horizontal parting to the neck, thus dividing the
hair into two sections. If you want your hair strands to be
more obedient, you can apply a little of your favorite product
for hair styling.

Step by step smooth and easy hairstyle for short hair

2. Take the side strands and fix them to the head, using a few
hair pins.


3. Then, release the top of the hair. Smooth well. Twist the
ends inward. Fix the result with a hair spray.


4. The easy and stylish hairstyle is ready!


Here is a suitable option for shorter hair:

Hairstyle for smooth short hair

Buns for short hair

An elegant and simple bun can be created also on short hair, of
course if your hair length is not less than 10-15 cm. To do
this, tighten the hair into a small ponytail and secure it with
a thin elastic. Drag the hairs that could not be collected in
the tail with some clips. If the length of the remaining
strands allow, tighten them off and turn them around the
elastic. If you have several rebel strands, do not worry, it
will only be an advantage. If you want to hide such an artistic
chaos, then you can hide the elastic under a scarf or a
beautiful ribbon. Those who do not prefer those strands coming
out of the bun, have to first apply a mousse, after which they
can backcomb all hair due to which the hairstyle will maintain
its shape longer. The result can be fixed with a fixative

Hair buns for short hair

Bun hairstyles for short hair

Easy and simple bun hairstyles for short hair



Retro hairstyles for short hair

Retro style hairstyles are becoming more popular every day.
Such simple hairstyles allow a woman to become unrepeatable
because the hairstyle will look completely different on each
woman. To create the retro style sometimes can be enough only
curling few hair strands, smoothing and directing the rest.
However, for a more visible effect, you can use hair
accessories, which were so loved and often used by ladies of
the last century. Such accessories can be flat hoops, ribbons,
handkerchiefs, mesh hair pins and feathers, miniature hats,
scarves, pearls, etc.

Easy retro hairstyles for short hair





retro elegant

Studying and repeating the next step by step tutorial in
images, you will be able to personally create a quick and
stylish retro hairstyle.

1. To create this hairstyle, your hair should not be very
clean. Such hairstyles look good and maintain its shape as well
on hair that has been washed the day before.

2. Apply a dry shampoo on your hair in order to give a special
texture to the future hairstyle.

Step by step stylish retro hairstyle for short hair

3. Backcomb a little the hair at the back of the neck.

4. Smooth the hair with a comb.


5. Fix the hair with a hair pin.

6. The strands near the ears should also be fixed with some
bobby pins.


7. All the shirt hairs from the neck area must be hidden with
the help of some hair pins.

8. Do not worry if you have on your head several hair pins and
a certain chaos will be created; in this hairstyle this is
considered absolutely normal.


9. Take a suitable scarf and fix it well in the top of the

10. Make an additional knot.

11. Hide the ends of the scarf under it.


12. Enjoy the result!

Hairstyle option for short hair

Summarizing, we can say that girls with short hair are
quite lucky. Despite common opinion, you can create many
elegant, modern and, most important, easy hairstyles for short



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