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Many ladies with natural curls often ask themselves, is this a
blessing or a curse? Today we will show you that the answer is
only one: it is a true gift from nature, but not every lady
knows what haircuts to choose for the disobedient hair strands
to look always cared and beautiful. When choosing the right
option, consider several criteria, starting with the structure
of the hair and ending with the shape of the body, because only
in this case the disobedient hairs will be embellished
transforming into ordered and feminine curls.

Womens haircuts for curly hair

Haircuts for curly hair: how to choose

What to consider when choosing such haircut?

  • First, pay attention to the length and structure of the
    hair. It is important to understand that the curly hair has
    many open scales. Due to its porous structure, curly hair needs
    extra feeding and hydration. This means that the longer and
    stronger the curl is, the more vulnerable the hair is. How
    thick is the hair depends on its thickness: a thicker hair is
    more curly than a fine one.
  • The face shape will also be considered. If this is closer
    to the oval, then you can practically do any famous haircuts.
    Instead, the round-faced ladies need to be very careful because
    a very fluffy hair can even increase the contours, so in this
    case, attention should be paid to medium-length haircuts and
    asymmetrical oblique fringe. If you have an elongated shape of
    the face, then the volume haircuts on the contrary, are highly
    recommended. Ladies with protruding cheekbones also have to opt
    for medium haircuts.
  • When choosing a haircut, it is very important to pay
    attention to the height and shape of the body. Thus, overweight
    and not very tall ladies, are recommend to not opt for very
    short haircuts, and the slimmest ones, for a hair with a
    volume, while the more full-bodied ladies, can carelessly
    choose a haircut with volume, which will visually make the body
    proportions more equal.

How to choose haircuts for long curly hair

Haircuts for blonde curly hair

Short haircuts for curly hair

A lot of ladies with curls from nature are afraid to make a
short haircut because they think the curls will hang in all
directions. Although, in reality, choosing the right haircut
and taking into account the hair’s structure and the shape of
the face, you can get an extraordinary effect. But here there
are pluses and minuses as well. For example, ladies with a
soft, fluffy or thin hair, and ladies whose hair appearance
depends on air humidity, should be careful with short haircuts.

Haircuts for short curly hair

Short haircuts for curly hair



Haircuts ideas for short curly hair

If you decided to cut your hair a lot and you know for certain
that such look fits you, we recommend that you attract
attention to haircuts such as fouetté, pixie, garcon. Garcon is
more suited to young and bold ladies who are not accustomed to
losing much time for arranging. Keep in mind that this very
short haircut reveals the face a lot, so you will not be able
to conceal those imperfections that you have with your hair.
Instead, you can try hair styling, which is a wonderful choice
of short haircut, which rejuvenates visibly and gives the hair
that little volume. Another very creative and popular option is
fouetté haircut. In this case, the hair at the neck is short
cut, after which, twisting in the spiral, the length increases
in the area of the forehead and the crest of the head. You can
see examples below with the three haircuts.

Best short curly hair haircuts



Short curly hair women

festive medium length

Some waterfall haircuts and haircuts such as bob are extremely
popular on curly hair. Bob is the most suitable option for
delicate, feminine and romantic beings. Ladies with the oval
face shape can opt for the classic options of these haircuts,
while the ones with the triangular face shape have to choose
the asymmetric patterns of this haircut. Waterfall represents
simple and universal haircut for those who can not smooth their
hair any way. The multi-layer character of the waterfall can
eliminate that extra weight of the hair, facilitating the
styling and combing of curled hair.

Haircuts for short curly hair and round face shape

Short haircuts for natural curly hair ladies






Haircuts for short natural curly hair

Haircuts for curly medium length hair

Haircuts such as bob and carre are absolutely ideal for medium
length hair. For example, both elongated and short bob haircut,
can be a real jewel for ladies with triangular and oval face
shape. This very demanding type of haircut gives the female
image sexuality and femininity, while permitting different
experiments with the look. Besides the classic types, in some
cases the asymmetric bob can also be made, which is an unusual
option for the curly hair, but one quite impressive. However,
such haircuts will only look harmoniously on “quiet” loops.
Asymmetric patterns can represent the ideal decision for women,
characterized by highly expressive and proeminent facial

Curly medium length hair haircuts



Haircuts for brunette curly hair

Natural medium length curly hair




Medium lengths haircut for curly hair


Medium length bob haircuts


Medium length curly haircuts celebrities

Cute haircut for curly hair




Women haircuts for medium length hair

Haircuts for long curly hair

The long and curled hair is a real space to put fantasy on the
move. However, at the same time, such a hair is very difficult
to control. That’s why, if you want your haircut and hairstyle
look great, you will need a great effort, experience, art and
time. Long and wavy hair looks very well at multi-layered and
graduated haircuts, for example, waterfall haircuts. Long hair
strands, tangled from their ears to the chin line, can become a
great way to “twill” your curls. If the haircut is done on the
entire surface of the hair, then the natural beauty of your
hair can be enhanced. Such haircuts stimulate the natural hair
curl, which must be considered for those people who want to
tangle their curls.

Haircuts for long curly hair

Layered haircuts for long curly hair



Celebrities haircuts for long curly hair








Long haircuts for curly hair with bangs

Haircut for long hair: How to keep the appearance as long as

After the haircut is chosen and performed, a woman faces
another obvious problem. How can she keep the effect of “I just
went to the hairdresser” of the haircut for a long time. To do
this, just follow the following care guidelines:

  1. It is very important to go to the hair stylist on time.
    Before leaving the beauty salon, ask him/her when you have to
    come back next time to refresh your look. Depending on the
    chosen haircut type, the term may range from 3-5 weeks. You do
    not have to think that if you do not cut the tips for a long
    time, your look is not affected by this. Wrong! This refers in
    particular to creative and bold short haircuts with
    asymmetrical bangs. A little delay and you can instantly
    transform from a refined and stylish fashionista into an simple
  2. Never forget that curly hair is more vulnerable to the
    negative environmental factors. That is why you will need a lot
    more time to care for hair than if it had another structure.
    Such a hair simply needs all sorts of protection, moisturizing
    and nourishing products, especially if you often use thermal
    arranging tools. If you use hair drier, do not forget the
  3. During styling, strive to apply all the necessary products
    on dry hair.
  4. Comb your hair only with a brush with rare teeth. In this
    case, using a massage brush is forbidden!
  5. Strive not to wash your head very often, because most
    shampoos soften the scalp skin.


Medium length curly hair

Celebrities with curly hair

Hairstyle ideas for long curly hair with bangs

Now that you already know the main types of curly haircuts
with the particulars of choosing and caring for it, it will be
very easy to find ways to arrange your curls, gathering them
nicely in a beautiful and stylish haircut.



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