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Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Natural curly hair is a true gift of nature. Proper care will
make the hair styling of such hair look very short, because the
wavy hair left loose on your back is a stylish hairstyle,
absolutely suited to any situation. In addition, based on
beautiful curls, many other beautiful and feminine hairstyles
can be created, which we will talk about below.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Hair buns for curly hair

The bun becomes extremely popular with very fast steps. This
laconic, simple and elegant hairstyle fits perfectly with all
women. It is ideal for a strict office environment as well as
for a noisy party, both for a romantic meeting and for outdoor
recreation. In addition, you do not need any special skills to
create a bun. It can be quickly made even on the go, being in a
car, subway or bus. The stylists distinguish a few dozen
variants of this hairstyle. Choosing the right one for you, you
also have to take into account the particularities of your face
and body. For example, a tall, stylish bun is ideal for ladies
with a swan neck and perfect face features while women with
less expressive traits have to choose a lower bun without
emphasizing the imperfections.

Bun hairstyles for curly hair

Hair bun for curly haired girls

As has been said before, the bun can be done in the most
diverse ways. For example, in this case, the bun is made of two
twisted strings. To do this, you will have to divide the hair
into two equal parts, then twist each side in a string, after
which you will have to twist a large cord from the two smaller
ones. On the basis of the obtained cord, the hair is tightened
in a bun, which will be fixed with the help of some bobby pins
and hair pins.

Step buy step bun for curly hair

Now, let’s look at the high bun option, which is best for
ladies without bangs and long hair. First, you will have to
make a tall tail. Smooth your hair down without touching the
tips of your hair. Along with the elastic, you can use a
personally created tool that consists of two hair pins
connected to the ends of the elastic. Such a “tool” will allow
you to grasp the hair not very tight, though thanks to curls,
the tail will not let go.


Grasp the tail with the elastic. Take a sock prepared in time
and dress it over the elastic.


Hide the ends of the hair under the sock, scattering them all
over the surface. Fix the result with clips.


Finally, you have to get a great tall bun that can be used both
daily and special events.

High bun for curly hair

We present you another step-by-step tutorial with the help of
which you can create a romantic bun at the bottom of your neck.
This option is suitable for those who want to hide their bang,
without losing time and effort to arrange it. First, you will
need to separate the bangs from the rest of the hair. Take the
tool that we talked about above, tighten your hair in a tail,
creating a low bun that can be left in the middle of the neck,
or moved a little to the ear.


From the hair of your forehead to the ears, braid a fishtail
braid then braid it to the ends of the hair. Twist the braid
around the created bun. All the remaining hair ends are hidden
with the help of some hair pins.



There is another option for this hairstyle. The first steps are
the same as in the previous case. The difference is that
instead of braiding the front hair, you will have to twist it
in a rope.

Bun hairstyle for curly hair

Here’s another bun option, based on hair ropes. So, take a
strand and twist it in a rope. Twist the ends of the rope in a
ring as shown in the image, and fasten it with hair clips. Make
another rope a little below it.


Now, you will have to repeat the procedure, but on the other
side of the head. Strive to arrange your remaining hair in a
kind of rings. Finally, you need to get the following

Bun for curly hair

Braids for curly hair

Braids, waterfalls and all sorts of modern braids are
hairstyles that enjoy great popularity and not by chance
because they fit both young women and mature ladies. In
addition, braids look very harmoniously on curly hair, creating
a natural and modern messy effect. An equally important moment:
on wavy hair, the braids are much more than the right one. If
during the braiding process appear a few curls, then do not
worry because a light mess is highly appreciated by experts and
fashion enthusiasts at the moment.

Braided hairstyles for curly hair

Fish tail braid on curly hair

Cute braids on curly hair






Curly hair hairstyles

Simple hairstyles for curly hair with braids

Fast hairstyles for long curly hair

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial in images:

Step-by-step braid hairstyle for long hair

Ponytails for curly hair

The simplest and most versatile hairstyle that can be done in
just a few minutes, positioning the tail either at the top of
the head, or on one side, or at the back of the head. To fix
the “disobedient” hair, you can use different elastics,
clippings, hair pins, and even your hair. The tail can be
tightened either from all hair or from separately selected

Blonde curly hair

Brown curly hair

Hairstyles for celebrities with curly hair

Festive ponytails for curly hair




Look at how easily a romantic volume tail can be created. The
only condition is that the hair is well trimmed so that the
shape of the tail can last as long as possible.


Step-by-step ponytails for curly hair

Hairstyle with decorative elements for curly hair

Do not you like monotonous looks and simple hairstyles? Use all
the available decor elements to decorate your hair and make
your daily look original, feminine and refined. These include
small brooches, floral applications, tiaras, handkerchiefs,
ribbons, crowns, elastics, decorative pins, headbands, clips
and even real flowers.

Hairstyles with decorative elements for curly hair



Evening hairstyles for curly hair


With the help of hair accessories you can create a true artwork
on your head without losing much time and effort. These are
Greek hairstyles, very famous and very beautiful, with
headbands, elastics, tiaras and flower clips.



Hairstyles for curly hair with loose hair on the back

The curls left loose on the back are a perfect decision in any
situation. It is very difficult to stop admiring the shining
and playful curls. Someone will admire them with envy, someone
else with admiration, but in any case, you will be in the
spotlight. And there is no need to invent anything! Just take
care of your hair. And if you want to experiment a bit, apply
styling products to your hair, lift it from the roots, shake it
and you’re done!

Hairstyles for medium length curly hair

Hairstyle ideas for curly hair


Curly hairstyles




Side hairstyles for curly hair

Here’s another way to create a simple and original look. Wash
your hair, dry it out, apply the right hair styling products
and arrange all your hair to one side. You can tighten it
either in a bun or in a tail, or you can leave it freely on
your back. Such a seemingly simple hairstyle always looks more
interesant and romantic than a simple one.

Side curly hair hairstyles

Simple and beautiful hairstyles



Side curly hair hairstyle


Grunge style hairstyles for curly hair

Grunge style is a real hit of the season! If you do not know
what this is, it’s enough to imagine your morning hairstyle as
soon as you wake up. Have you imagined? Do you consider this
unacceptable? It is not like that! Modern fashion has become
more loyal with its admirers. There is no need to waste your
morning time to bring your hair in order. It’s enough just to
gather it in a ponytail, pull out a couple of hairs, rumple it,
and the stylish grunge look is ready. In this style can be made
absolutely any type of hairstyles: braids, ponytails, buns or
just leave it on the back.

Grunge hairstyles for curly hair


Grunge hairstyles for long curly hair






Tips for arranging and grooming the curly hair

In the end we want to give you some tips that can help you to
properly arrange your hair in a nice way, keeping its texture
in excellent condition.

  1. Forget the hairbrushes. Buy instead a rare teeth comb that
    will do better with each of the curl separately.
  2. Do not dry wet hair. Let it dry a little before it, waiting
    for a certain amount of time either by moistening it with a
    towel. Using the hair drier, be careful that the hot air jet is
    as weak as possible. The air will move from the root to the top
    of the hair.
  3. Do not waste your time and effort in arranging the messy
    curls in wet weather. On such days, we advise you to braid a
    braid, or two…as much as you want.
  4. No haircuts and no hairstyle will help if your hair is not
    in a good condition. Curly hair is more prone to splitting than
    straight hair. Do not forget to “feed” it with extra balsams
    and masks.
  5. When choosing a haircut, we advise you to choose the
    layered option that will facilitate the hairstyling process and
    will take out that extra weight from your head.

Taking care of curly hair



Now that you know all the options for arranging your hair
with the basic rules for proper care, you will be able to
choose the right hairstyle without any problem, especially
since you have such a variety of options!



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