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Men’s Haircuts 2018

Men, like women, take care of their exterior appearance, so
stylists regularly update their men’s haircuts. And, of course,
we should also not forget that any type of men’s haircut must
match the look and shape of the face. What 2018 men’s
will be popular in the coming year? Let’s
look at the following.
Best men’s haircuts 2018

Current haircuts 2018

Many consider that men are not so influenced by fashion trends
and that they are opting exclusively for classic style. Still,
stylists claim that perfection has no limits, so they propose
men interesting and original trends.

Cool men’s haircuts

Male haircuts images 2018


Men’s haircuts ideas 2018

Haircuts with beard 2018 male


What haircuts should men wear in the 2018 season? Stylists do
not limit men in choosing haircuts, so every hairstyle is a
harmonious blend of different techniques. The only requirement
is naturalness and accuracy.

A lot of haircuts for short hair are offered to the owners of
thin hair. Such options do not require arranging and always
allow them to look stylish and modern. Businessmen can opt for
classic hairstyles, and younger boys can experiment with
textures and drawings in the neck area.

Mens hairstyles for medium length hair 2018

Medium-length curls look romantic and masculine, but require a
lot of attention from the one who possesses them. If you do not
have time for daily care and styling, then we recommend you to
opt for simpler options.


Mens haircuts 2018 curly hair

You can carefully use styling products. Excess gel and mousse
will load the hair, making it look dirty and carefree. If you
can not arrange the curls on your own, then we recommend that
you call a specialist who will show you the basic rules.


Classic men’s haircut

In the new season leadership positions are occupied by haircuts
with uncovered samples and hair tapped to the top of the head.
These can be retro styled haircuts and more suitable options
for young people. An accurately chosen image will give the
owner self-confidence and will emphasize the positive features
of the exterior.

Haircut for men with bangs 2018


In 2018 there are many options of bangs. This is not only an
indispensable part of the haircut, but also the ability to
instantly change a look that you are bored of.

long bang

Men’s haircuts for short hair

Short haircuts remain current for a few years. Comfortable and
simple, they do not take much time to be arranged, so they are
among the favorites of thousands of men. What to wear in the
coming season?

Short men’s haircuts for 2018


Short haircut is one of the most popular among men and is
characterized by very short hair (no more than 3 cm) with
volume in the top of the head. The gradual passage has no lines
so the hairstyle looks natural and extravagant. The hair does
not mess and looks very neat.

Short haircuts for men 2018





Haircut for men 2018

Pompadour Haircut

This haircut allows many experiments to take place. It can be
chaotic or original. The bang is combed at the back, on one
side or arranged on the forehead. The image is created
depending on owner’s mood.

Pompadour haircut for men





Men's haircut trends 2018


It is characterized by combining the unique of brutality and
style. Due to the exciting technique of execution, this is
ideal for owners of a messy hair. Men with a predisposition to
baldness such a hairstyle will allow them to visually increase
the amount of hair. The classic version is executed without
rectangular crossings, and the wide bang will hide a prominent

Haircuts for men with prominent forehead

Modern men's haircuts 2018








Simple haircuts for men 2018 short hair




Celebrity mens haircut

Pompadour haircuts fit for men with round and oval face, and
stylists also admit a short beard. Most hair owners have to use
a mousse, and those with soft hair have to use a gel. After
washing, the hair is directed upwards.







Stylish haircuts for men 2018


Classic short haircut for boys 2018


Aged men's haircuts

Men’s Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair has a wider range of haircuts. Every year,
stylists change their usual look, giving them a new look. Such
diversity allows the performance of many experiments preferred
both by businessmen and students.



In the 2018 season there is no room for simple haircuts, making
stylists look for newer techniques and ideas. Current trends
are not as simple as taking care of short ones, but they do not
require much attention like long hair. A few years ago,
masculinity was characterized by very short haircuts, and now
we have the enormous options of original and brutal haircuts.


The Undercut is the continuation of the very famous haircut
among young people, where the samples are shaved and the hair
at the top of the head is left long. More modern fashionists
shave the neck area, leaving the bang of medium length. The
hair combed to one side or back can get a maximum volume even
in the presence of a thinner hair. Stylists do not recommend
such an option for harsh and disobedient hair owners.

Male haircut 2018 undercut


The modern change of Undercut haircut is the hitler-jugent
haircut. The gradual passing of length from the top of the head
to the back of the head is practically unnoticed. The temple
and adjacent areas are shaved, leaving hair of medium length in
the parietal area. The length and thickness is not fixed, so
the stylist has the freedom to act as he wishes.

Best hitler-jugent haircut 2018


The Faux Hawk haircut is a haircut with hair on the sides that
is left at a medium length. Modern choices do not welcome the
sudden passing and exact boundaries, so stylists are making
enormous efforts to get quality haircuts. Often, tools such as
a short comb and a very sharp scissors are used for this
purpose. Although the length of execution is a very long and
sophisticated, the final result will certainly enjoy the
customers. Bang can be combed at the back or can be arranged
with slight negligence.

Mens haircuts for medium length hair 2018 with beard

Faux hawk haircut

What mens haircuts to wear in 2018

Do you have thick hair? Then we recommend the haircuts with
volume at the top and the neck area. This is the ideal decision
for men with square shape of the face. Due to the length we are
provided with a lot of styling options.

Man haircut trends 2018



Gavroche haircut is characterized by long hair at the head that
creates a general volume. In the 2018 season, this haircut is
worn tousled giving the image a touch of rebellion and
wildness. Can be worn in combination with a not too long beard.


Pompadour haircut for medium length hair is associated with the
50”s of the last century. Here we all remember Elvis Presley.
The long hair at the top of the head creates the effect of a
comb. The side of the neck and the temple is shortened to the
maximum, although the stylist can leave this area no more than
3 cm in length. The styling needs a special attention, so
you’ll need daily styling products.

Pompadour haircut for medium length hair


If you like to have long hair, then we recommend you to try the
carre haircut. Current modern changes are very interesting. The
hair of shoulder or chin-length is equal or asymmetrical. Such
hairstyle does not require special abilities to use hair dryer
and hair brush: it is enough for hair to be naturally dried.


Another option is the bob haircut, which is characterized by
volume at the neck, elongated bang and the right parietal area.
It does not suit lazy men: this requires a lot of attention to

Men’s hairstyles and haircuts for long hair

A long and cared hair is a trend that modern hairdressers
support. This can only be achieved by performing regular
cosmetic procedures: cutting split ends and giving a neat

Men haircuts for long hair 2018

Long haircuts for male

What options are offered in season 2018 for long-haired men?
Waterfall hairstyle has been considered for many years to be
one of the most popular, so stylists regularly find new ideas
and techniques to give your hair an interesting structure.
Parting and bangs is arranged by mood, creating an aristocratic
look or a bold look. Use styling products moderately because
otherwise you risk making your hair look careless.


Do you have disobedient hair? Asymmetric options may slow it
down. Professionals do not recommend limiting your hair to
straight haircuts because the curly hair will not be trimmed as
the owner desires. The combination of a bang and a random
parting can help you create a completely new look.

Hairbuns and tails are an original and comfortable decision for
long hair. The hair gathered on top will become an ideal option
for daring and creative men. These combine harmoniously with
shaved temples and neck. For older fashionists we recommend the
combination of gathered ponytail and stylish beard.

Mens haircuts for long hair ponytail





Creative Men’s Haircuts

For bold men stylists have invented exciting hairstyles that
will help create a memorable and special look. In the new
season men are also provided with different hair dying and hair
coloring techniques. These may be bleached tips or bangs, but
some varieties assume bold and neon shades.


The distinctive feature of the new 2018 season is the shaved
temples and neck. For the hairstyle to be no longer ordinary,
geometry figures are made on the shaved area. This fashion came
from the late 80’s of the last century, but has undergone many
changes. To get an impeccable drawing, you’ll need to find a
skillful craftsman.

Men haircut 2018 comb over

The comb over hairstyle evolved into a less aggressive haircut.
This involves trimming the upper hair into pyramid, which makes
the hair naturally rise. The hair in the sample area and the
tip of the head are cut short.



The top knot hairbun with shaved side and back is a very
unusual and creative decision. The hair in the temporal area is
left long, which is tight under elastic. Often, this hairstyle
is based on the undercut haircut and is combined with the




Men, just like women, also want to look stylish and
beautiful. These 2018 men’s haircuts that we have dearly
described in this article will certainly allow men of any age
and style to choose the right decision.



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