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50 Rugged Tom Hardy Hairstyles

After breaking down Tom Hardy beard
, we’re back with more inspiration
from one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now. Praised
for his talent, work ethic, and ever-flourishing film career,
Hardy is also widely recognized as one of the sexiest men
alive. See how you can pull off one of his ultra-manly looks
with our collection of Tom Hardy hairstyles below.

1. Trademark Rugged Look

Trademark Rugged Look












Tom Hardy has almost become synonymous with the concept of
“rugged”. His go-to style is edgy, masculine, and
je-m’en-fou all around, with a perfectly messy
hairstyle and beard.

2. Lawless Haircut

Lawless Haircut

In the 2012 modern Western Lawless, Hardy’s character
Forrest donned an unforgettable haircut. We would position it
as a mid to high taper fade, with a sleek side part hairstyle
as the cherry on top.

3. Layered Combover

Layered Combover


Tom’s no stranger to combover hairstyles, particularly those
that exude attitude. He usually adds his own twist to
combovers, such as the heavily layered method in the photo

4. Shorter Sides, Longer Top

Shorter Sides, Longer Top


A master of the short sides, long top
, Hardy often plays around with
the idea as a foundation for his look. The approach flatters
his face shape, forehead, and his hair texture all at the same

5. Mad Max Haircut

Mad Max Haircut


There’s no doubt that Mad Max: Fury Road is one of
Tom’s most raved movies to date The rugged haircut he donned as
Max Rockatansky has been adopted by men of all ages around the

6. Manly Quiff

Manly Quiff


One of our favorite Tom Hardy hairstyles of all is definitely
his messy quiff. He succeeds in taking the classic haircut to
the next level every time through effortless styling.

7. Crew Cut

Crew Cut


Time and time again, Hardy proves that you can rock any basic
haircut and still look incredible. A crew cut, for instance,
can be just as alluring as any complex hairstyle if you wear it
with confidence.

8. Legend Haircut

Legend Haircut

owed audiences with his double performance as
twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray in Legend. For the roles,
he wore a timeless retro hairstyle that’s as appealing today as
it was in the 60s.

9. Medium and Wavy

Medium and Wavy


We rarely get to see Hardy without some form of a taper, fade
or undercut. However, it goes to show that men who know their
worth can nail any silhouette with genuine style.

10. Subtle Taper

Subtle Taper


Speaking of tapering, we have the perfect example of what comes
to mind when you think about Tom Hardy hairstyles. The sides
and back are finely tapered, leaving room for a versatile top.

11. Venom Haircut

Venom Haircut


In his most recent project as the antihero Venom, Tom
sported a super cool and clean-cut hairstyle. Featuring a
smooth mid fade, the haircut is completed by a side-tousled top

12. Slicked Back and Undercut

Slicked Back and Undercut


Hardy almost always incorporates an
undercut into his
hairstyle in one way or another. To polish it enough so it’s
suitable for formal events, he often slicks the top part back.

13. Piecey Haircut

Piecey Haircut

If you don’t want to go full-out bad boy but you still want a
bit of Tom’s edge, try a piecey haircut. Provided your hair is
a few inches long, you can get it cut in jagged pieces for a
rebellious look.

14. Warrior Haircut

Warrior Haircut


In the 2011 hit drama Warrior, the world got to see
Hardy slip into the skin of an MMA fighter. Although it may be
a long hard road to obtaining such a physique, anyone can copy
Tom’s side-swept bangs.

15. High and Tight

High and Tight


Arguably one of the most beloved military haircuts, the high
and tight fits like a glove for Hardy. While the broad undercut
is as alluring as they come, the shorter top is practical and
easy to style.

16. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut


Nevertheless, we do have a close alternative if you’re more
into styling – the disconnected
. It’s one of the most versatile
Tom Hardy hairstyles you can try out, thanks to the way you can
experiment with the top.

17. Dunkirk Haircut

Dunkirk Haircut


Tom’s character in Dunkirk, Farrier, sported a haircut
that any stylish guy can recreate. It lies somewhere between a
quiff and a combover, making it ideal for any occasion.

18. Small Man Bun

Small Man Bun

haven’t been fortunate enough to catch Hardy with a full
classic man bun yet. Be that as it may, we have
enjoyed witnessing his athletic, gelled back, mini-man bun,
perfect for medium-length locks.

19. Full Scruffy

Full Scruffy


It’s clear by now that Tom Hardy hairstyles are all about
tasteful negligence and confidence. Manliness first and
foremost comes from within, and Tom’s full scruffy allure
proves it.

20. Child 44 Haircut

Child 44 Haircut


Hardy’s Child 44 hairstyle is a dream come true for
the dapper man. It’s cleanly slicked back and to the side, with
a boost of edginess owing to the mid taper skin fade.

21. Punk Hairstyle

Punk Hairstyle


Humorous Hardy is the best Hardy. A man who doesn’t take
himself too seriously will always be the center of attention.
Therefore, you might want to try out his playful punk

22. Teenage Hairstyle

Teenage Hairstyle


Back in his modeling days, Tom was often seen with a messy
hairstyle for teenage
. Whether or not you’re actually a
teen, the look will always bring out your youthful side.

23. Wuthering Heights Hairstyle

Wuthering Heights Hairstyle


Before he became an international icon, Hardy was appreciated
as one of the best actors to take on the role of Heathcliff in
Wuthering Heights. Sporting a shaggy, shoulder-length
mane, Tom remains an inspiration for men who like flowing

24. Messy Blond

Messy Blond


Although we’ve yet to see Hardy with a bold hair color, we have
quite some inspiration in terms of natural tones. You can
easily copy his messy blond look for a young and fresh approach
to your haircut.

25. Burr Cut and Ducktail Beard

Burr Cut and Ducktail Beard


If you want to accentuate your beard, you may want to consider
a shaven top. While you don’t have to go full bald, Tom proves
that a burr cut perfectly complements an elaborate ducktail

26. Cropped and Gelled

Cropped and Gelled


Men with naturally thick hair will definitely want to take a
shot at Hardy’s cropped and gelled hairstyle. Once you take
care of the haircut, all you have to do is throw in a bit of
hair product and you’re good to go.

27. Taboo Haircut

Taboo Haircut


One of the internet’s most recent obsessions is how to get Tom Hardy’s
Taboo haircut. It’s everything you could expect
from the man of the year – rugged, sexy, and undoubtedly manly.

28. Red Carpet Slick Back

Red Carpet Slick Back


Have a black-tie event coming up? You can count on Tom’s red
carpet slick back hairstyle. It’s highly presentable, polished,
and simply perfect for dressy affairs.

29. Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe


Throughout the year, we’ve witnessed the outstanding rise of
the angular fringe among hair trends. Hardy shows that you can
rock it regardless of how warm or tough your personality is.

30. Soft Spikes

Soft Spikes


A younger Tom wasn’t afraid to play around with spiky
hairstyles, but tastefully so. Instead of harsh, vertical
spikes, he chose softer ones with a forward tilt.

31. All Messed Up

All Messed Up


Here’s a pro tip we’ve observed from Hardy himself – the less
you care, the more you’ll attract. As a result, you can rock a
heavily tousled hairstyle if you match it with the right

32. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut


Would you rather keep your hair maintenance routine to a bare
minimum? A buzz cut with a short beard always flatters the
“manly man”, not to mention that it only requires touch ups now
and then.

33. Edgy Caesar Cut

Edgy Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is typically smooth and clean, but not in Tom’s
book. It goes to show that you can get creative with any
haircut you choose, tailoring it to your personality.

34. Regular Haircut

Regular Haircut


You don’t have to hit the hair clippers to explore Tom Hardy
hairstyles. In fact, you can get a regular haircut and still
have Hardy’s appeal. It’s all in the way you carry yourself.

35. Spiked Bangs

Spiked Bangs


Have a slightly longer top and you’re not sure what to do with
it? Take Tom’s indirect advice and try spiking your bangs.
However, avoid overdoing it with excessive hair product.

36. Flow Hairstyle

Flow Hairstyle

What we know today as the flow hairstyle was that irresistible
neck-length look that countless heartthrobs sported in the 90s
and 2000s. It’s still as stylish as ever today, so keep it on
your shortlist if you want a longer hairstyle.

37. Business Casual Haircut

Business Casual Haircut


Not too fancy nor too informal, Hardy’s business casual haircut
is ideal for the modern man on the go. Depending on your hair
texture, you might not even have to style it all that much.

38. Gelled Spikes

Gelled Spikes


If you’re all about that “wet” look, hair gel should be your
best friend. Although they’re not as fashionable today as they
were a decade ago, we’re sure that gelled spikes will have
their comeback.

39. Side Brushed

Side Brushed


You’d be surprised to see the wonders that a comb and a
quarter-size of hair product can work. Keep them close by and
you’ll be ready to impress in minutes.

40. High Fade with Spiky Quiff

High Fade with Spiky Quiff


Edgy quiffs look wonderful when mixed with
high fade
. The combination brings out the
manly side of any guy, all while keeping things as sleek as

41. Wispy Bowl Cut

Wispy Bowl Cut


We’ll probably forever associate the wispy bowl cut with Leo
DiCaprio’s iconic hairstyle from Titanic. Nonetheless,
his Inception co-star and long-time friend Hardy pulls
it off just as appealingly.

42. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk


Mohawks and faux hawks will always be clear bad-boy indicators.
You might not be comfortable going with a traditional mohawk,
but Tom’s faux Hawk is sure to inspire you.

43. Shaved Line

Shaved Line


For years now, shaved lines in men’s hairstyles have been a
symbol of masculinity and ruggedness. Obviously, Hardy is the
flawless example of how you can rock one the right way.

44. Side-swept French Crop

Side-swept French Crop


In spite of not being a French crop as we know it today, Tom
Hardy’s hairstyle in the shot above is a dream come true for
thick-haired guys. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also low

45. Slick Combover

Slick Combover


Edgy combovers usually come to mind when thinking of Tom Hardy
hairstyles. Notwithstanding, the Hollywood hunk succeeds in
making even the slickest combover look sexy.

46. Short Tuft

Short Tuft


It’s doesn’t take a lot to draw attention to your appearance
like Tom does. A look as simple as a short tuft paired with 5
o’clock shadow can be enough to make your mark.

47. Choppy Side Bangs

Choppy Side Bangs


Layers play a key role in most Tom Hardy hairstyles. They’re
flattering for any hair texture and can add definition,
attitude, and aesthetic value to any look.

48. Jagged Top

Jagged Top


Clearly, hair gel is often a must if you want to nail a
Hardy-inspired appearance. No matter how short your hair is,
running your fingers through it with a bit of gel at the tips
can go a long way.

49. Fully Shaved

Fully Shaved


Vin Diesel, is that you? Nope, it’s just Tom blowing us away
with a fully shaved look. Build up some courage and see if it
suits you as well as it does on our favorite actor.

50. Messy Curtain Bangs

Messy Curtain Bangs


Finally, if all else fails, you can go for the good ol’ messy
bangs hairstyle. It’s one of the least complicated Tom Hardy
hairstyles you can try out, and you won’t even need to style it
on the daily.


All in all, Tom Hardy hairstyles are obviously manly, alluring,
and pretty much irresistible for men and women alike.
Nevertheless, regardless of the Hardy hairstyle you choose,
always remember his secret ingredient. At the end of the day,
Tom succeeds in making such an unforgettable impression because
he is highly confident. Therefore, rock your Hardy cut with
your chin up!



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