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Short Haircuts For Spring Summer 2019

Among the
short haircuts trend
that will be the
master during the season spring-summer 2019 proposals dedicated
to short hair seen again triumph cuts as the pixie cut and bob
interpreted in different variations.The short hairstyle gives shape to different pixie
haircut scaled to match with tufts full-bodied but not
too long, to wear smooth version or move, you can experience
also you cut short styling curly to take with a straight fringe

rests on the forehead touching eyebrows. The
boyish cuts to excellence rely on a short
shaved almost a volume that focuses more pronounced in the back
of the head that match tufts or fringes court.

Which type are you – which short haircuts are yours?

The spring type wears her hair either long or sporty short
haircuts with light waves. Playful hairstyles support the
summer type.

She should lighten her natural color by highlights or cool

Round cuts are good for the autumn type. No matter what hair
color she has, all colors with reddish influence like copper,
golden brown or gold blonde are ideal.

The winter type naturally has dark hair. She should not change
her natural tone much, just like the blonde winter type.

She can wear either long or short hair, but also smooth or
curly hairstyles.

These Hairstyles You Can Style On Certain

The bun is always. In everyday life, you put it simple and
easy. As an evening hairstyle, you tie him tight and decorate
the Dutt in addition.

The snails are perfect for a dirndl. You can decorate them with
fresh flowers. The elaborate updo is suitable for weddings and

During leisure, you can wear your long hair open and tie a
cloth around your forehead. This underlines a casual touch.

This Hair Color Suits You

Of course, you can refresh your hair color with individual
light reflections.

The Face shape and the matching hairstyle

Hairstyles for oval faces – round forehead, round chin, wide
cheeks: In the shortcut with XL pony, the long top hair should
reach down to the cheeks.

The mid-length volume curls fit as shiny curls, shoulder
length. For long hair, the vertex does not matter. The bob is
cut to chin length with sweeping waves.

Hairstyles for round faces – full cheeks, round chin, soft
forms: As a shortcut with XL pony, the long topcoat must reach
into the cheeks.

Longer half-length volume curls flatter the face. The long hair
with center parting should be ends below the chin.

Elongated faces – high forehead and long chin: In the shortcut
with XL pony the side parting should go over the forehead.
Half-length volume curls are smooth in the neck and curly

The long hair can be worn with a pony. The bob cut to chin
length is the ideal length.

Square face – The short haircut with XL pony requires a
fringed cut over the top hair.

Half-length volume curls look perfect as restless curls. Long
hair and a high side parting let the hair fall in the face. A
bob with a side bangs goes perfectly with a square face.

Heart-shaped face-forehead and cheeks wide, chin narrow: The
shortcut with XL-pony should not be too short. The top coat
should fall on the forehead.

Half-length volume curls may fall out of order. The long hair
is worn with a high side parting. For the Bob, the soft curls
fall off the middle parting.

1. The
Hairstyles and the age

There are
hairstyles that make every woman a few years younger. These
include the horsetail, longer hair and waves, the shortcut
and high-set hair.

shoulder-length natural bob rejuvenates through the



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