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Trend Haircuts for Women Fall-Winter 2018-2019

With the new coming season, every one of us would like to
change something. Sometimes this desire disappears after buying
a new pair of shoes, but there are cases when only radical
changes can satisfy this fad. And then everything goes hand in
hand: scissors, hair dyes in the boldest shades, hair curlers and
an arsenal of hair styling products. Fashionable
in autumn-winter 2017-2018 will not allow you to
do stupid things as a result of spontaneous decisions, but
still you probably will have to change the length of your hair.
This season, short haircuts are extremely popular: the classic
gets new shapes, becoming more natural and relaxed. The same
trend has reached the length of the hair, which will be maximum
lightly thinned.

Haircuts 2018 women


This light haircut comes from France and continues to have that
French charm that it has for decades before. Garcon is
characterized by the short length of the hair and the straight
parting in the area of the temples, which deflects the face and
neckline. This season, the haircut maintains its traditional
look, but you will need to add some volume: For this, apply a
small quantity of volume mousse at the roots and spread it with
a round brush. Another option is to chaoticly arrange the hair,
spraying it with a hair spray.

Garcon haircuts fall winter 2017 2018

Haircuts for short hair 2018

Celebrity with short hair

Side-swept bangs for any hair length

Now it is no longer necessary to waste time and nerves to
arrange the bangs before going out to the city: the more it
looks disordered, the better it is. There is no need to
straighten it and arrange it on the entire surface of the
forehead, it is enough to place it diagonally or by parts.
Extremely popular are the cascading and fringe bangs, which
give off the fantasy: curled, neat, etc.

Haircuts for women 2017 2018 fall winter: side-swept bang

What haircuts to wear in 2018

trendy bangs

French chic: curly bob

We have already determined that the more natural your hair
looks, the better, even if we are talking about a shaped
haircut. The autumn-winter season 2017-2018 seems to create
hairstyles that you can not hide under the hat or that wind can
ruin. The classic bob does not even need volume and the ideal
round shape that will make you miss the mirror for a few hours.
To make the book look modern, you’ll need to create a light
curly effect over the entire length of your hair. To do this,
apply the styling mousse to your wet hair with your fingers
(with slight twists) and dry it. Such innocent curls will help
you arrange your hair and will last throughout the day.

Curly bob haircut fall winter 2017 2018

Haircut trends 2018

Medium bob for curly hair



Short bob

One side hairstyles

Another way to make bob or carre haircut look original is to
comb a large part of the hair on one side, making a straight
path. By the way, in this case, you can choose the wet hair
effect, creating loose curls over the entire length, and in
evening outfits. The ear that remains uncovered can be
decorated with an ear cuff earring.

Haircut trends for women 2018

What haircuts to wear in fall 2017


Audrey Hepburn Pixie Haircut

The famous actress Audrey Hepburn the symbol of the 1950’s, was
the first to introduce Pixie haircut in fashion. She had this
haircut in the movie “Romantic Holidays” and has since excited
the rebels who can not stand without adventures. This haircut
reminds of the male style, however, the image becomes so
elegant and feminine that in competition for the right to be
called the most refined, it always takes the first place. This
season, the threads are set against hair growth, and the hair
ends tend towards the forehead, crowned with short bangs. The
most up-to-date version is pixie haircut with several shades of
one color.

Pixie haircut fall winter 2017 2018

pixie for short hair



Graduated Carre Haircut

The graduated carre haircut does not differ in any way from
classic straight carre, but this season it does have a
difference. The slightly wavy hair of different lengths joins
in chaotic order. The graduate carre has a more precise shape,
the arrangement of which does not require extra effort: maximum
a wet hair effect (if you wish).

Graduated carre haircut 2018

Women haircuts 2018




Long Carre Haircut

For those who still do not dare to shorten their hair, also
changing the outer appearance, there is this wonderful option
such as carre for long hair. In addition, this haircut is
suitable for all hair types: from natural straight to curly, of
any thickness. Elongated carre is a great way to refresh your
hair and improve its look, shortening it this way. Who knows,
maybe this haircut will become your business card!

Haircuts for women fall 2017 winter 2018: long carre


Best hair cuts with bangs

Celebrities haircut 2018 medium length hair

medium length hair


Long hair thinning

Do not know what to do with your hair length when attending the
hairdresser, but you do want to change your image? Thinning
scissors will come to help you. Taking into account your hair
type and some other individual features, with their help the
specialist can create true miracles! To give the shape of a
dull hair, the upper strings can be thinned, and the hair
owners can go without fear to the hairdresser to do this
procedure. The volume in this case will be evenly distributed;
the hair will become lighter and will have a beneficial effect
on its condition.

Best haircuts for long hair 2018

Haircuts ideas for long hair



The image of the new 2017-2018 fall-winter season looks natural
and does not require textured haircuts and complicated
constructions. Moreover, each of the listed hairstyles is
simple to maintain, which will save your time and allow you to
look charming every day!

Bob haircut still in style 2018



Modern haircut 2018




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