Fade Haircuts For Men

haircuts are one of the most popular, versatile and
attractive haircuts for men, teenagers, and boys. They look great, are
easy to style and work for all guys.

Fade haircuts work for every hair type from thin to thick and
straight to curly. For men with thick hair, fade
haircuts lighten up hair up and make styling easier. So how do
they work for thin and even thinning hair? Ultrashort
hair on the sides makes the hair on top look thicker and fuller in
contrast. This is true for guys with thick hair but also for
men with fine, thin and thinning hair. For wavy, curly and
kinky hair, fade haircuts
keep the sides short and create a clean cut hairline.

Hairstyles with fades can be anything you like. Hair can as
short or long as you like, or
anything in between. The buzz cut with a fade is a very
popular hairstyle. On the other end of the spectrum, a sideburn
and low fade add a masculine finish to long hair. Fades
also look great at every age and can extend the time between
haircuts for boys and add for older

Taper vs. Fade – What’s The Difference?

Just like saying soda versus pop, barbering terms
can vary between people and regions. Some people use the same
word to mean different things or different words to mean the
same thing. Sometimes the words taper and fade are used

If you ask us, they mean different things and the dictionary
agrees. The dictionary definition of fade is to “gradually grow
faint and disappear” while taper is defined as “to diminish or
reduce in thickness toward one end”.

Fade haircuts usually use clippers to “fade away” hair from a
short length to even shorter or the skin. Fades can also be cut
with scissors but this results in a softer look instead of a
crisp, blurry fade. Taper haircuts are classic scissor
cut men’s hairstyles with shorter hair at the sides and back.

To make sure you get exactly the cut you want, always show your
barber or stylist a photo. Using words and even clipper guard
numbers can result in miscommunication.

What Is A Fade Haircut?

Fade haircuts start short
and disappear into a short stubble or skin. With an expert fade
, this transition is a seamless gradient or blur. A popular
version of the fade is the skin, bald or zero fade that goes
all the way down to the skin, as the name implies. Skin fades
raise the hairline and create a new shape. Shadow fades go from
short to shorter..

A fade can happen anywhere on the head. Some fades are small
and confined to the sideburn, temple or neckline. Mid and high
fades are more substantial and cut hair short half way up the
head or all the way up to hairline. Low fades cut hair short
around the hairline.

Expert barbers and stylist customize the shape, size and
transition of a fade to your head and face shape.

Those are the words but fade haircuts are much better explained
by pictures. Here are all the types of fade haircuts you
can get.

There are so many types of fade haircuts that you can get. In
this guide, we cover all the most popular fade styles.

1. Low Fade Haircut


As the name implies, the low fade haircut starts down
low on the head. Your barber and stylist can help you find the
most flattering version but this one starts at the temple and
dips down slightly behind the ear. This looks great with
straight hair cut into trendy crops or timeless pomps but also
is a cool addition to this cool haircut for curly hair.

2. Mid Fade Haircut

Here’s a beautiful example of how a fade haircut focuses
attention on the rest of the hair and makes it look extra thick.
This mid fade haircut goes very short at
the edges but only down to the skin at the sideburns. Most mid
fades drop down to allow some length around the crown though
some follow a straighter line for a bold effect. This is a very
cool short haircut for men that can take you from work to the
gym to the club.

3. High Fade Haircut

Sky Salon

As the name indicates, high fade haircuts start up
high on the head. This fade is an extension of the lineup,
beginning above the temple. This type of fade haircut works
really well for slicked back styles like this textured sweep
back or pompadours.

4. Taper Fade Haircut

Chris Jones

The taper fade haircut splits
the difference between a scissor cut taper and a clipper cut
fade. The result is in a clean cut finish that is slightly
longer than a fade.

5. Short Hair Fade Haircut


Fades can be added to any type or length of hair. For a stylish
look that couldn’t be easier, try this high fade with a
short textured crop. Work a
little bit of clay or other texture enhancing hair
product through hair with fingers to style.

6. Medium Hair Fade Haircut

Josh O’meara-Patel

Textured styling and a shaved line add a modern update to this
classic pompadour fade haircut. The
contrast between dark hair and pale skin show off the blur of
the fade and precise hair design.

7. Longer Hair Fade Haircut

Zach Ramsey

Fade haircuts work with longer men’s hair too. While man buns, braids, and mohawks are an
option for this cut, so is a longer slicked back look. This is
a flattering look for all men but really works to elongate
round face shapes.

8. Temp Fade Haircut

Junior Ortiz

Short for temple fade, temp fades are
the smallest type of fade but still have plenty of impacts. This
mohawk fade is usually cut a
burst fade behind the ear but this temp fade creates the same

9. Bald Fade Haircut

Sayyod Khayrullayev

The bald fade goes by many
names, including the skin, razor and zero fades. It goes all the
way down to the skin to create a new hairline whether it’s
high, medium or low.

10. Skin Fade Haircut

M15 Barbershop

This classic side part hairstyle with a
low skin fade could be straight out of Boardwalk Empire. Get
the look with Layrite Matte Cream Pomade and a comb.

11. Drop Fade Haircut

Dylan Portner

The drop fade, you guessed it,
drops down at the back of the head. Like other fades, the drop
fade can be low, medium or high. This high drop fade haircut
with a pomp hairstyle has a cool shape from the side and the

12. Faded Crop Haircut

John Carmona

The textured crop is a hot men’s hair trend in the North
America and Europe. This cool short
haircut for men can be cut and styled in many different ways
but the sides and back are always faded.

13. Heavy Crop Fade

Anthony Giannotti

Here’s a version of the faded crop for guys with thick hair. The hair
on top is heavier but still cut to enhance texture and reduce
weight. A low skin fade creates an angled hairline.

14. Comb Over Fade Haircut

Wess Lane

The comb-over fade is cut to
create a side part hairstyle. This version features a high fade
and hard part but it can also be worn with a medium fade and
combed part.

15. Fade Haircut With Design

Michael Kelly

Fades create a canvas for shaved hair designs. These hair
tattoos can be anything you want them to be from intricate
faces to team logos to shaved lines. Hair designs can cover the
back of the head, one side or just the neckline. Get creative with

Mohawk Fade Haircut

Julian Payne

This burst fade mohawk looks cool
with straight hair spiked up or curly hair that stands up on
it is own.

17. Side Part Fade Haircut

Pat Regan

Fade haircuts can be classic, modern or somewhere in between.
This short and clean cut side part hairstyle is
appropriate for work but looks cool anywhere you go.

18. Afro Fade Haircut

Liam Kenny

Adding a fade to an afro adds a modern touch to
the retro style. This streamlined shape also updates the look
for the new millennium.

19. Military Haircut Fade

Cameron Tooyserkani

Ultrashort military haircuts are
popular with all kinds of men. Fades have always been a
military look and this buzz cut fade looks good in and out of
the uniform.

20. High Top Fade Haircut

Frank Soto

Close cut sides make a high top look even higher.
Instead of the classic flat top, this high top fade features a
rounded profile and curly edge with that signature height.

21. Curly Hair Fade Haircut

Stephen J.

Fade haircuts make it easier to showcase the natural texture
of curly hair. When the sides
and back are cut short, it is easier to style curls on top.

22. Shadow Fade Haircut

Shuto Kawai

There are two kinds of fades, the skin fade, and the shadow
fade. The skin fade goes down to the skin while the shadow fade
goes from short to shorter. Both blends can start low, medium,
or high or keep the length on the sides light, medium, or dark.
While many fades do go down to the skin, the shadow fade is an
equally fresh look.

23. Fade Haircut With Waves

Rich “Smash” Payne

The waves haircut is a popular look for
black men that can be worn with a fade or without for the full
360 waves.

24. Fade Haircut With Beard

Junior Ortiz

Fade haircuts and beards absolutely can be worn together. While
the temple fade creates a disconnection between hair and facial
hair, it also creates a smooth transition between the two. This
works will all kinds of fades and all kinds of beards.

25. Fade Haircut With Line

Braid Barbers

A shaved line is such a simple hair design but creates a bold
look that will make people look twice.

26. Blowout Fade Haircut


The blow out haircut combines medium length curls with a temple
fade and neckline fade. The result is textured curls with clean-cut

27. Fohawk Fade Haircuts

Javi the Barber

The fohawk is one of those haircuts that stays in style because
it looks so good on so many people. This version adds hot looks
for 2019 like textured styling and the V-shaped neckline.

28. Box Fade Haircut

Barber Bebo

The box fade has a high fade hair looks like a box on the head.

29. Burst Fade Haircut

Devon @ Flycutz

A burst fade on both sides creates a wide mohawk effect.

30. High And Tight Haircut Fade

Bruce Hayden

The high and tight is a military haircut that leaves short hair
high on the head. It is a popular and easy to wear cut for
straight, curly and black hair.

31. Fade Haircut With Braids

Zeke the Barber

These cornrows in a braided samurai bun get plenty
of attention but the fade and hair design place even more
emphasis on this cool look.

32. Pompadour Fade Haircut

Javi the Barber

Like a comb-over fade, the pompadour fade leaves hair
longer on top with short faded sides. The difference is hair is
combed up and back instead of over to the side. This modern
pomp has tons of height, a matte finish, and some thick texture.

33. Classic Fade Haircut

Matthew Conrad

Fades have been a popular men’s hairstyle since the 1940s. This
side part haircut with a low fade plus beard and a healthy
mustache is a classic style that looks as good today as it did
50 years ago.

34. Razor Fade Haircut

Seu Elias

Razor fade is just another way of saying skin or bald fade.
This short spiky cut with a
a blurry taper is a beautiful example of how good fades can look.
The three slashes only make it better. Keep the lookup with
barber visits every couple of weeks or let it grow out, it will
look just fine.

35. Boosie Fade Haircut

Devin the Barber

Made popular by rapper Lil Boosie, the Boosie fade has a high
skin fade with some length at the top. In contrast to the box
fade, the profile is curved.

36. Buzz Fade Haircut

Cameron Tooyserkani

The buzz fade is one of the most popular short
haircuts for men because it looks the best with the
least amount of work. Just keep it up with regular barber

37. Undercut Fade Haircut

John Carmona

The undercut fade goes up a little
higher than the high fade to create a disconnected hairstyle.
It looks great with short hair or medium length looks slicked
back or pomped up.

38. Twist Fade Haircut

Dencio Aguilar

Fade haircuts around the sides and back work with and enhance
any men’s hairstyle, especially these medium length twists.

39. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

Javi the Barber

A fade gives a faux hawk even more of a mohawk look.

40. Flat Top Fade Haircut

BHarmony Clothing

Tight sides make flat tops look even taller. Check out the
Make Flattops Great Again shirt by
BHarmony Clothing.

41. Hard Part Fade Haircut

Alex the Barber 305

There’s no question about where to part hair in this hard part
haircut. Medium length hair is styled into a cool comb over with some volume
and texture.

42. Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut

Travis Hill

A burst fade follows the same arc as this cool curly mohawk.

43. Drop Fade Haircut With Curly Top

Gregor @ Rum Barber

A drop fade creates a cool curly top haircut that isn’t
in a mushroom shape.

44. Southside Fade Haircut

Papito Blessedhands

The Southside fade takes the buzz cut fade haircut to the next
level. Short hair is concentrated
at the front half of the crown with a line up to define the

45. Line Up Fade

Luis O. Melendez

Last but far from least is the lineup fade, another version of
the buzz cut fade but with the added definition of an edge up.
The lines contrast with the blur of a fade. The same
combination defines the cheeks of the beard and tapers into the
skin fade.


Fade Haircuts For Men


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