New Ways to Wear Men’s Haircut Necklines

Like many other
men’s hair trends, the
neckline hair design was a cool look last year that is
gaining popularity in 2019. This year, there are even more ways
to get the look, whether you want more subtle or bolder look.

Traditionally, there are only a few ways to shape the neckline.
It can be shaved into a rounded or square shape. Fade
haircuts create a new neckline altogether, whether it is
high, medium, or low. The neck taper is a quick fade at the

All of these necklines look good but they are not interesting.
Being bold is a top trend for men’s hair in 2019 and a
cool neckline is one way to do that. Tapering hair into a
is just one way to end any haircut.

Slashes are being added into beards, brows, and necklines too.
Crop haircuts can have jagged fringe at the forehead. Complete
the look with a jagged neckline. These new ways to wear men’s
haircut necklines work with any original look. Here are a few
cool necklines for inspiration.



If you’re looking for the latest hairstyles for men, these are the best men’s haircuts to get right now fresh from the hottest barbershops around the world. Most guys don’t have the time to research and find trendy new hairstyles. And the truth is, different haircut styles look better on some guys than others. Whether this is due to different types of hair (thick, curly, wavy, straight, thin) or face shapes, our collection of top new haircuts for guys offers plenty of awesome options.

The latest men’s hair trends range from short, medium and long hair to classic and modern haircuts. With an undercut or fade on the sides and a quiff, pompadour, fohawk, slick back, comb over, French crop or fringe hairstyle, there are many popular cuts and styles to choose from. If you want to try a trendy new men’s hairstyle or cool men’s haircut to update your look, then we’ll help you find the hottest hair ideas.

Check out the best haircuts and hairstyles for men to get in 2019!

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