Fashionable tips: how to do a perfect manicure?

Fashionable tips how to do a perfect manicure

Many women are worried that in winter, especially fast cracks the nail polish and the second day after a visit to a specialist the nails look unattractive. To avoid such misunderstandings you should use gel nails. This gel nail polish applies to professional cosmetics for nails, although can be used at home as well. The gel nail polish is easy to apply on the nail and keeps for a long time.


Tips how to do a home manicure


Fashion manicure is not only a good color, but a healthy nail plate, so it is worth to pay attention to the nail care as well. Today it’s time to forget about long and non-natural nails. Short and neat manicure with natural shape is something that should adorn the hands of a real lady.

Perfect manicure Stages of work

Manicure: Stages of work

  1. Before you start changing the form of the nail, remove from the surface all the residues of nail polish. Use a good quality conditioner, and then wash your hands with soap.
  2. Now you can cut off the excess of length and begin to form the shape. Work very carefully and gently with the file, so as to not damage the nail plate.
  3. You can clean the dirt from under the nail by using a lemon. Cut it into two pieces and soak the nails. Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes, and then wash your hands with soap and water.
  4. Prepare a hot soapy solution and lower the palm there. The peel around the nail should get wet, so it will be easier to deal with it (use personal manicure instruments).
  5. When you finished with the cuticle, treat the nails with hydrogen peroxide, using a cotton swab.
  6. The manicure is considered incomplete if you do not apply nail polish.

The choice of color depends on each personal preference, clothes and, of course, fashion trends, which can be found here.

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