Photo lesson: manicure with Scandinavian pattern

A cozy warm sweater with “knitted” deer, snowflakes and Christmas trees in Scandinavian style – is a cloth we are glad to see in winter locker room as a tribute to tradition, regardless of trends. The pattern that decorates it, is a symbol of comfort and warmth that can blend well with other parts of the winter look. For example, it can be used as nail art ideas.

Manicure Scandinavian pattern

To decorate your nails with Scandinavian ornament – is, on the one hand, an unusual idea, but on the other hand, it is a concise and universal version of a manicure, suitable both for a holiday as well as for everyday winter look. We will describe and show how to make a manicure by yourself.

Step 1

Clean manicure

Before you take up the nail polish, make sure your hands and nails are well-groomed and have a neat appearance – the nail art will look good only on this “background”. If necessary, trim the shape of nails and cuticles pre-treating them with a special product. When the preparation is finished, apply on nails a thin layer of base coat and let it dry for 1 minute.

Step 2

Red nail polish in two layers

As a background color for manicure with Scandinavian pattern, we chose red – it is traditionally considered to be one of the key to the creation of a New Year’s look. Red nail polish should be applied on the nails in two layers. It is important to wait until each of them has dried up, otherwise it will be difficult to draw patterns on the resulting coverage.

Step 3

Manicure with deer for holidays

When the nail polish is dry and does not smear, you can create your design. Score on a thin brush for nail art white nail polish and draw a deer taking care of a clear outline of the drawing. In order to get immediately  the desired result, practice on paper. Instead of deer you can choose for your design any other elements of the Scandinavian pattern – for example, a snowflake or a Christmas tree. On the other fingers draw another pattern – using straight lines and geometric shapes. When the drawing is ready, put on your nails a transparent topcoat and also wait until the nail polish layers dry.

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