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Long Hairstyles

How to create wet hair effect

You basically wouldn’t need water to create the wet hair effect, so don’t be afraid, you will not have to walk with undried hair. Read our instruction that will help you create one of the most trendy hairstyling and also find out who can’t afford it.  This hairstyle ideally will complement both a daily as [...]

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Haircuts with Long Bangs

How can the extraordinary popularity of long bangs be explained. Let’s see further. Stylists call the long bang universal because it suits most women. For this haircut to look nice, it must be chosen depending on age, type of haircut and face shape, but in any case, a skillful hair stylist will always find that [...]

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Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Many hairstyles can be created based on long hair. However, lately, in the absence of free time, every lady is looking more and more often for hair styling, which not only looks modern and stylish, but does not require much time to create it. The leader in this case can …

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