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Season trend: focus on eyelashes

The times when the dramatic image could be achieved only with the help of smoky eyes has passed.Thanks to the new podium trend, now this effect can be achieved only in few seconds: all you need is just to correctly apply the mascara and if needed, to expertly use false eyelashes. Fascinatingly clapping the eyelashes [...]

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Season trend: accent on blush

You still don’t use blush because you’re afraid that your makeup will be too bright and vulgar? Vainly! We found four ways to transform this make up technique into the main decoration of your image. No Fashion Week is complete without a blush, even if the makeup artist blends it so well that it can [...]

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Makeup for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are a true gift of nature. These eyes reflect the wonderful colors of the sky, sea waves..A beautiful woman with blue eyes embodies youth, gentleness, innocence and purity. But even these beautiful blue eyes require a well-done makeup. Makeup artists ensure that it is not difficult to do a makeup for blue eyes. [...]

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Makeup for grey eyes

Grey eyes are specific to mysterious people who always tend towards something new. The monotony and uniformity are qualities that do not characterize them. Gray eyes can change their color depending on the current mood of the owner, of the clothing color and lighting. An extraordinarily beautiful gray can be found in many women. It [...]

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Makeup Trends 2019

The 2019 Beauty Trends are minimalist, and this is seen in the latest collections: grunge hairstyles, biker leather jackets and massive bottles no longer need black eyeliner and lipstick in wine shades. We are used to “simplify” the makeup in the spring, and even more so in the summer, when a thick layer of makeup [...]

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