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THE CUT The pixie is one of today’s most popular women’s short hairstyles, and it’s easy to see why. This short hair look is easy to style, is fairly low-maintenance, and can be left to dry naturally or blow-dried with a paddle brush. The shape looks soft and feminine whether worn smooth or scrunched in [...]

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Short Haircuts For Spring Summer 2019

Among the short haircuts trend that will be the master during the season spring-summer 2019 proposals dedicated to short hair seen again triumph cuts as the pixie cut and bob interpreted in different variations.The short hairstyle gives shape to different pixie haircut scaled to match with tufts full-bodied but not …

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Top Tips to Add Shine to Dull Hair

We all want to know how to make hair shiny, right? After all, shiny hair is healthy hair. But if your locks having been lacking their usual luster lately, you may be suffering from a case of dull hair. Dull hair is typically dry or damaged hair that’s lost its …

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Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

It is no secret that most nice and easy hairstyles can be made on short hair. This advantage is considered when a woman decides whether or not to cut her hair. In addition, not all ladies can boast with a healthy and neat hair, even if they regularly and very …

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10 Best Short Hair Ideas for 2019

There are lots of color techniques for your hair, one of the most popular is ombre. Ombre usually features hair that blends from a dark color to a light color. There are so many stylish ways to create the ombre look from vibrant colors to classic blonde shades. Most of …

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